About Us at Whimsical Blossom Floristry.

Hey There!!

So I'm great at rambling and less about keeping things short and sweet and more importantly, to the point! so bare with me ladies and gentlemen :).

We are a family run business, run by Mother and Daughter, we've been doing this since 2018 and we absolutely love working with artificial flowers so much. In the years we have been working with artificial flowers we have come across some great quality flowers and felt we wanted to be able to share not just our work but the flowers themselves for others to see the great quality out there! 

All the pre made items you come across on here are hand made by ourselves and we also do customised/personalised items also you can find them or contact us about them on our etsy page here: WhimsicalFloristry - Etsy UK

We welcome everyone to our page whether you're a floristry yourselves or just someone looking to give your home a bit of beautiful colour.

Have a beautiful day everyone.