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Large Square Floral Grey Rattan Hanging Basket

Large Square Floral Grey Rattan Hanging Basket

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Stunning soft colour floral arrangement with a grey wash square rattan hanging basket.

The floral design is a mixture of soft colours of ivory, white, pinks, purples and blues with pops of green from the foliage, with many types of flowers included such as Peonies, Gerberas, Hydrangeas, Baby's Breathe, Blossoms, Agapanthus and Tulips with the odd rose.

A massive hanging basket that no matter what angle you will get a full colourful deluxe statement piece for the front of your home or in your garden.

These are fully artificial flowers so may fade over time, but a little tip here, buy some weather resistant spray and make them last for even longer!, making artificial floral baskets worth even more of their pennies.

Size of basket: 12" wide
Size of basket with flowers: 52cm / 21inch wide
Height of basket including flowers: 55cm / 22inch

All sizes are approx given 1-3cm difference.

A 4 chain to support all angles of the basket.

A truly amazing large hanging basket.

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